LASER, or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is a core modality used at Water4Dogs Rehabilitation Center. It is commonly known as “Cold Laser Therapy” or “Low Level Light Therapy” and is used to treat inflammation and encourage healing of tissues within the body. This modality is well tolerated and has no physical sensation. Pets are simply asked to sit calmly and look cool in their protective laser Doggles! 

Our clinic utilizes a patented Multi-Wave System which allows us to use the laser with a high dose of energy to influence the ATP production within the cells stimulating re-generation, while maintaining safe dosing parameters for the surrounding superficial tissues. This means we are able to access settings which can comfortably penetrate to the level of joint and bone, allowing our team to treat a myriad of conditions. 

Laser light, in conjunction with promoting healing, is used as an anti-inflammatory treatment and can be crucial in the recovery stage following injury, surgery, or to manage chronic inflammatory diseases such as IVDD. Inflammation can be considered the precursor to pain, if we are able to treat the inflammatory response in the body, then we can prevent, or reduce pain or discomfort in the body. Appropriate dosage levels and durations will be prescribed or indicated by your therapy team.

Laser is a modality that can be overused, and so should be used with caution. Please always let your therapy team know if you are receiving laser at another clinic, we may reduce or remove laser therapy from your pets plan as a precaution. Indeed in some instances the growth of scar tissue is necessary for recovery! Such is the case with Femoral Head Osteotomy [FHO] or a Lateral Suture for a CCL repair where the development of scar tissue is necessary for the surgery to yield a successful result and provide adequate stability to the joint. In these cases your rehabilitation therapist may wean the patient off of laser treatment at the appropriate stage. 

Research on the use of Laser Therapy yields positive clinical results, however, the use of Laser Therapy for patients that have cancer, or have had a history of cancer, is generally not indicated. While not proven, we consider the risks involved in regard to cell regeneration technology on cancer cells and their potential for growth. Any patient with a history of cancer is considered high risk for Laser treatment and should alert their Veterinary Doctor or Rehabilitative practitioner. The more we know about your pet, the more we can do for them! 

For more information on Laser therapy, please ask a member of the dry therapy team.







Fritz cracks a smile during his laser therapy session!


Lara Dellar, CCRA