About Us

We are passionate about healing and rehabilitation. Our dedicated team of Doctors and Rehab Technicians are committed to creating a therapeutic experience for our patients and our clients alike. Our specialized care at Water4Dogs Rehabilitation Center is recognized by the AVMA and the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, as we represent the standard in comprehensive rehabilitative care.

At Water4Dogs, we take a team-oriented approach to rehabilitation and physical therapy.
Our goal is to work closely with you, your companion, and your primary veterinarian to determine what is going on, and to develop an individualized treatment plan to promote a quick, smooth recovery. We feel that if there is an emphasis on open communication and teamwork, rehabilitation will be more successful.

Depending on the specific treatment plan, a therapy session can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes and may include hydrotherapy, cold laser therapy, manual therapies, and more. Our rehabilitation recommendations usually last anywhere from 10-20 weeks depending on the specific condition(s) being addressed. Individuals are continuously reassessed, and plans are modified according to their response to therapy. Overall, our goal is to promote the health and well-being of your pet. Fortunately, at Water4Dogs, we are able to accomplish this in a relaxed, fun environment that is enjoyable for both pets and their people. We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Our Staff

Our team consists of veterinary rehabilitation technicians, client service staff and hydro therapists who all work in tandem to provide your pet with the best possible care.

Francisco DiPolo DVM, CVA, CCRT, USDA Accredited - Worth Street Veterinary

Dr. Francisco DiPolo

For over 20 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to practice doing what I love.
During my academic training at Tufts University, I became aware of the concept of integrative veterinary medicine: the combination of conventional medicine with holistic treatments to promote optimal health. This philosophy fit perfectly with my professional goals and personal beliefs and lifestyle; I felt I had found my true path…

Jennifer, CCRA

Certified Rehabilitation Technician, Dry & Hydrotherapy

Jean Marie, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician, Dry & Hydrotherapy

Yesenia, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician, Dry Therapy



Lara, CCRA

Certified Rehabilitation Technician, Dry Therapy, Therapy Director


Client Services


Client Services




Client Services