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Dr. Jodi Weiser DVM, CCRT

Francisco Worth Street Veterinary

My veterinary journey began when I wrote about wanting to be an animal doctor for my 1st grade class, and it just kept going. I have always had a passion for strengthening the bond between people and pets and ensuring the well-being of both.

Following undergraduate studies at New York University, I received my DVM from Cornell University in 2000. After practicing general medicine and surgery in the NYC area, I became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist in 2017 through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. I am happy to be able to provide longevity and comfort through this integrative approach at Water 4 Dogs.

I am a native Brooklynite and currently live in Windsor Terrace along with my husband, John, and cat, Gus. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, exploring NYC, yoga, theater, dance, and fine arts.